Blue Sapphire Stone – Benefits & Effect of wearing a Neelam Stone

BLUE GEMSTONEBlue Sapphire is also referred to as ‘Neelam’ in Hindi. Blue Sapphire is one of the most valuable, esteemed and incredible gemstone among all. Because of its hardness, durability,color and luster, Blue Sapphire Gemstone is wanted by many. They are accepted to speak to insight, ideals, favorable luck, and holiness for royals. For a wedding ring sapphire signifies dedication and genuineness. As per Vedic Astrology, Blue Sapphire is the Gemstone of the powerful Karmic Planet Saturn. Because of the powers it possesses many have revealed that this stone shows effects instantly, and holds the power to change the life of the wearer.



  •  It is one of the quickest acting stone, and its impact demonstrates immediately in the vast majority of the cases. If this stone suits its wearer, it can favor him with good karma, Fortune, riches, advancement and opportunity.
  •  This gemstone help in improving concentration and focus towards goals. Therefore, experts and students working challenging and target-oriented conditions can immensely benefit from it.
  •  Blue sapphire stone additionally has some health-related benefits. Wearing this stone helps in healthy gut and metabolism. It also helps avoid many diseases related to stomach, Feet and Skin.
  •  Blue sapphire is a highly protective stone. Therefore, it helps in protection from evil eye, enemies, jealousy & hexing etc. It saves from the conspiracies and hidden enemies.
  • Neelam Stone provides protection from accidents, robberies and problems caused due to the natural disaster like fire, flood, storms, etc. Neelam stone protects like a Body-guard.
  • This gemstone additionally help in preventing and curing illnesses and diseases related to nervous system, bone cancer, kidney related issues, stroke, paralysis etc.
  • Blue Sapphire stone directly affects wealth levels. It gives a positive boost in finances. It can bless with many sources of income if the person is so inclined and works towards it.

Side effects of blue sapphire


If Saturn is placed at a malefic position, there could arise many negative results by wearing the blue sapphire stone. This does not mean that blue sapphire gemstone will not work at all. In fact, the gemstone improves positivity of an individual and helps deeply cutting down the malefic effects due to the strong effect of Saturn. Since Saturn comes with a lot of intense powers, the best tip to begin with is that you must never ever wear a cracked blue sapphire stone. This can anger Shani and the individual can face accidents that might even lead to death. There could also be blue sapphires that come with another covered up color. This indicates invasion on part of an enemy. Milky looking blue sapphires will prompt issues with wealth. There can be chances that the person wearing such a stone could face poorness.

The powerful amazing abilities of the blue sapphire gemstone is such that you must not remove the same just on sudden idea. Some people even remove the gemstone while eating meat or related to food not to anger Shani. The removal could lead to loss in the built-in energy of the gemstone. Some energy is released when the stone is released on a sudden idea. Such things will cause illness, money-related losses, depression, and even poorness. Therefore, never attempt to remove a blue sapphire stone from your finger once you have chosen to wear it.

You must be careful of never letting another person wear your blue sapphire. This could read to some disasters and setbacks. Realize that gemstones are firmly related to the natal chart of the wearer. Hence, the zodiac sign, and planetary positions are interlinked. Therefore, if anyone else wears your blue sapphire, it can cause extreme disturbances in the benefits the blue sapphire stone is likely to deliver you.

Who can wear blue sapphire stone?


  • The stone Neelam is named being the birthstone of Capricorn. In addition, this gemstone additionally enlists as the birthstone of month September.
  • It is recognized to be the birthstone for September also this way, those people who are either born under the month of September or Capricorn can wear this valuable gemstone to make sure of wealth, luck, happiness, and money related to wellness.
  • The properties of these stone are not just exposed to for zodiac sign Capricorn or September native. In spite of the fact that the natives who belong to any other zodiac sign can wear this stone if he/she is suffering from Shani Dasha of Saturn. This stone is said to bring extreme happiness in the life of those ascendant that are influenced by Saturn malefic occasions throughout every day in life.
  • This stone can be worn by rising (in power) of any zodiac sign after thinking about Saturn current situation in the birth chart. It is profoundly prescribed by an astrologer to wear this stone during the major period of Saturn.
  • Since, strongly positioned Saturn will move away wellness, wealth, name, popularity and luck toward the life of its native.
  • As a result, ascendant of any zodiac sign can wear this stone. Therefore, if you belong to any zodiac sign be it, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces all can wear this gemstone.

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