Red Coral (Moonga or Munga) Gemstone Benefits As Per Astrology


  • Coral is scientifically known as Corallium Rubrum or Noblie. It happens inside the sea; the gemstone develops because of consistent collection or gathering of the animal skeleton.
  • Because of continuous collection of submarine animals and plants coral reef is being formed which look identical to the branches of any plant.
  • The branches of coral reef are fundamentally composed of calcium carbonate. The coral gemstone colors may range from pink up to red and fundamentally being used for jewelry making purpose.
  • The coral stone is acquired in various colors like pink, red, saffron,purple, scarlet and vermilion.
  • It is an opaque stone. Its specific Gravity is 2.68 and hardness is less than 4 on the Moh’s scale.
  • The well known red coral gemstone is captured from almost all parts of the world. In any case, there are few countries which are thoroughly famous for gathering gemstones.
  • Sri Lanka: Sri Lankan red color gemstone has great sparkle and looks extremely amazing. This stone is found essentially in the water lagoons near the oceans by divers or from the protected part of the ocean. The Sri Lankan red coral is very famous because of  scintillating color and price.
  • Except this, red coral stone additionally found in other parts of the world like from the countries such as America, Burma, Brazil, India, and Afghanistan.



  • As per Hindu mythology the coral gemstone is attached to potential planet Mars. The mars which are named as the commander in chief and known to have the capacity to derive sufficient amount of betterment in the lives of its wearer.
  • The mars signify courage, power, energy, sex, health, and passion in the life of its wearer. It is being said that wearing coral gemstone after seeking permission from an astrologer can get out amusing benefits.


Top benefits of wearing red coral stone

coral gemstone

  • This gemstone is known to get free-off an individual from diseases such as ulcer, piles, and brain-related diseases.
  • Red coral gemstone has the capacity to enhance the physical strength and help in empowering the bones.
  • Red coral can help the wearer overcome his foes . As Mars is the god of warfare, this gemstone gives the vital courage and enthusiasm required by a person to surmount all the obstacles. This gemstone ensures the victory of the individual.
  • Red Coral gemstone grants courage and aides in overcoming fear and anxiety in the person. This is simply the best gemstone, which can boost the confidence of the wearer.
  • The person suffering from anger issues and absence of sympathy can also wear this gemstone for appropriate improvement in the condition.
  • This gemstone additionally offers effective results in overcoming debts and it increases the financial situation of the person.

Wearing gemstone can get effective positive results in the life of a person. However, before wearing any gemstone, one should remember that if a correct gemstone can bring positive outcomes, a wrong gemstone could bring adverse effects. Along these lines, before wearing a gemstone, get your horoscope analysed by some expert.

 How to identify coral gemstone ?

According to our research, we have discovered the following two basic observations may give 50% evidence that the coral is real. These observations are:


  1. Surface of the corals : The surface of a real coral may have few  scratches, pits, or cracks however, it could never have granules-like structures on its surface. The surface ought to be smooth, clean and free of granules which can be seen under a magnifying glass. If a coral has a  granule-like structure on its surface, there are chances that it is a fake coral.
  2. Parallel lines pattern : The surface of a real red coral gemstone will have few parallel lines pattern which may resemble the ones present on the surface of a human finger. However, on the finger, the lines are round while, in corals, the lines would be parallel to one other.

The above-mentioned two fundamental tests can only assure half authenticity of the coral gemstones.To be 100% sure, it is always recommended to get the corals tested and certified from a Government approved gemstone testing Labs or reported private gemstone testing labs as they have the latest machinery and technology to identify these gemstones.

How to wear red coral gemstone ?

red coral

  • To avail all the striking astrological advantages offered by coral stone. An individual should know in depth how he/she should wear red coral stone capably.
  • The first step in receiving precious red coral is that an individual should buy coral stone from a well-reputed gemstone seller who provides the best quality coral stone.
  • After getting a natural red coral gemstone this stone ought to be either stud in gold or copper ring to accomplish the powerful benefits of mars exactly.
  • It should be of 6,7,10 or 12 Rattis.
  • Tuesday is considered as the greatest day to wear red coral stone. Since the day is recommended by renowned astrologers.
  • Before wearing coral gemstone it should be immersed well in holy Gangajal or cow milk to scatter all the negativity within the stone.
  • Then recite the following mantra “Om Bhaum Bhaumaye namah Om” for 108 times before wearing this stone.
  • Wear the coral ring on the third finger of your hand. The third finger of the right hand is
    best to adopt this stone for males and for a female the third finger of the left hand is ideal.

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