Types Of Gold – Colors & Karats

types of gold

When you are purchasing gold jewelry, you regularly get the chance to pick between various sorts of gold colors and gold karats . What do each one of those things mean, and is there a major difference between the different gold types? Here’s a quick guide to find out about gold colors and karats.


Gold can be alloyed with most metals, but specifically for jewelry the most well-known allying metals are copper,silver and zinc in various proportion to make different colors.The type and percentage of metal mixtures used to figure out the shade and color of gold.

Yellow Gold

yellow gold band

It is the purest color of all the colored golds, as the mineral looks golden when mined. Yellow gold gets its rich yellow shine from the natural hue and other saturated alloys. Classic yet elegant, yellow gold achieves its color from the red of silver, copper and pure gold. It is the most hypoallergenic and requires minimal maintenance of all gold colors. It was the most prominent metal utilized for wedding and engagement bands, thus is a proper choice for vintage style settings.


White Gold

white gold band

It is more contemporary than Yellow gold, the silvery whiteness makes white gold jewelry exceptionally appealing. White gold is made by mixing gold with alloys like zinc, copper and palladium (platinum). Its plated with a hard component called rhodium (platinum group metal) subsequently is more durable and scratch resistant than yellow gold. In spite of the fact that rhodium may wear away after some time a simple replating procedure will bring back the original shine of white gold. White gold is more reasonable than yellow gold and platinum. It was initially introduced as an alternative for platinum.

Rose Gold

rose gold band

Rose gold is warm, unique and romantic. The beautiful pink color is made by shifting the ratio to incorporate more copper and less silver. Rose Gold jewelry is quite appreciated due to the delicateness of the color. Rose gold is also called as Red gold or Pink gold. The distinction between Pink gold and Red gold is the copper content – higher the copper content, the stronger the red coloration.


 Black Gold

black gold band

It has a trendy, strong  and outrageous look. Black gold is not actually black, black rhodium is plated on white gold which give the strong, classic black finish. Rhodium plating gives the jewelry a sparkly look. A basic design with shimmering gemstones make awesome  jewelry and brings out the charm of the black gold.


 Green Gold

green gold band

Green gold, also called as electrum, is a natural forming alloy which combines gold and silver. The greenish color fluctuates depending on the exact mixture but back in the 73% gold, 27% silver.




The main thing to look for when purchasing gold jewelry, is the karat mark ”k”. The karat mark will tell you how much gold content the jewelry has. Then, look for the manufacturer’s trademark beside the karat mark. The manufacturer’s trademark is there to guarantee you that the karat mark is accurate. So, what does the karat mark mean?


  • 24 K – 24K gold is 100% pure gold with no hints of other metals.It is more costly and prestigious than 22K or 18K or 14K gold. Despite the fact that you’ll rarely find any jewelry made out of 24K, as it is exceptionally delicate and tends to scratch and bend easily in this manner making it infeasible for daily jewelry. It has a deep yellow tone. Quite often 24K gold is utilized for investing purpose in the form of  bars or coins and its also used for electronic and medical devices.
  • 22 K -22K piece of gold is 22/24 = 0.919= 91.7% gold, the remaining 8% involves a mixture of other alloys. The other alloys being, zinc, silver, nickel etc. The addition of alloys makes the mixture minimal harder and in this way helps in making the jewelry durable. It’s best for naturally enameled jewelry and good for plain gold jewelry . Although 22K gold is not favoured for diamonds and gemstones studded jewelry. Diamond being valuable material requires a metal that lays a solid hold on the precious stone so that the stone doesn’t fall off, 22K is a delicate metal and will not be able to hold on the gemstones and loose the grip. Because of its softness, it gets scratched easily as compared to 14K gold. Although rhodium plating will upgrade the jewelry’s protection from scratches. 22K is costlier than 18K and 14K gold.
  • 18 K – 18K gold alludes to a compound of gold that contains 18 parts of gold or is made out of 75% of gold and mixed with 25% of different metals like copper,silver etc., makes it strong enough for everyday wear. Despite the fact that it is softer than 14K gold, it is more affordable than 24K and 22K. It is generally utilized in fine jewelry. 18K is a decent choice for jewelry pieces which are not worn every day and are less exposed to hits and bumps, for example, earrings and necklace.The lower percentage of metals in 18K jewelry makes it less inclined to oxidization and is a better choice for individuals who experience the ill effects of metal allergies. 18K jewelry shouldn’t be rhodium plated due to the alloys present and along these lines is more cost effective in the long run as it requires less maintenance.
  • 14 K- 14K alludes to an alloy of gold that contains 14 parts of gold or is made out of at least 58.3 % pure gold and 41.7% of different metals. The presence of different  metals 14K gold offers more protection to wear and tear.It is harder and durable, henceforth  it is perfect for every day wear particularly for the individuals who lead an active lifestyle. Likewise, 14K gold is less likely to cause allergy. 14K gold is more strong than 18K gold.This is the most affordable choice of gold.
  • 10 K – 10K gold refers to a combination of gold that contains 10 parts of gold or at least 41.7% of gold and the rest of different alloys such as zinc or silver or nickel . 10K gold are durable, not very delicate and don’t scratch or bend easily. It is the cheapest form of gold since it contains less part of gold. While the cost is low, 14k jewelry is harder and stronger.

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